Bottoms Up – A Hot Guy With A Nice Body

Episode: Hot Guy With A Nice Body | Site: Rub Him | Network: Big Daddy

In this week’s Rubhim update we have ourselves another good looking guy with nice body that’s looking to relieve a little stress. Well, that’s our specialty! It didn’t take him long to get into it because by the time he flips over on his back, his cock is already rock hard. So it goes from a back massage straight to an oral massage. This guy turned out to be a bottom so I don’t have to tell you how this one ended.

Hot Latino Giovanni Gets a Surprise Handjob Housecall

Episode: Latino Gets Surprise Handjob | Site: Rub Him | Network: Big Daddy

Every once in a while I enjoy making housecalls. This is definitely one of those times. Giovanni called for a little at home massage session so I packed up my gear and headed out. He’s a sexy Latino with a great body and a rock solid six-pack. Giovanni was a little apprehensive at first but he started to loosen up as I worked my magic massaging his ass. Before he knew it he was getting his dick sucked and he certainly wasn’t complaining. Then Giovanni dishes out an ass pounding I wont soon forget.

Personal Training 101: Ass Massage Day

Episode: Personal Training 101 | Site: Rub Him | Network: Big Daddy

Another week and another slab of muscle laying on my massage table. I love my job! I’ve really been craving another hard body lately and let me tell you guys, this guy’s got it. This sexy personal trainer came in needing a rub down and I was more than happy to oblige. Apparently he didn’t know it was “Ass Day” but it didn’t take him long to figure it out as I drilled through his nice tight manhole.

Nice Tight Ass On a Sexy Jock

Episode: Nice Ass On a Jock | Site: Rub Him | Network: Big Daddy

We have a bona (boner?) fide baseball player in this week’s Rubhim episode. Another guy with back pain but I know how to take care of that. You know how I love the athletic types. As soon as he was naked I got right to work. Dude was getting erect so you know he was loving the massage. So as soon as he flipped over on his back I gave him the special treatment. I think that’s what he really wanted in the first place because he really seemed to like it. Since this guy is a baseball player I was going to make some jokes about this update being a double header or swinging for the fences but that just seemed too easy. We did get to home base though! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!